Kanzel's human "disguise" in the anime

Kanzel (Japanese: カンジェル Romaji: kanjeru, Known as "Kanziel" in the anime and as Kasal in other foreign language dubs) is a middle-ranking mazoku, serving under Chaos Dragon Garv. He is voiced by 二又 一成 Issei Futamata in the Japanese version and by Nathan Price in the English dub (Software Sculptors).

He appeared in all three main Slayers mediums, his role being somewhat different in each. In the novels, Kanzel made a deal with Alfred Saillune to help the prince in the assassination of Philionel El Di Saillune. His real intent, however was to lure Lina Inverse into the conflict and kill her. In the anime, his goals were more or less the same, but this time he was teamed up with Mazenda, and they were also planning to take control of Saillune from behind the scenes using Alfred as a puppet. Finally, in the manga he worked for Copy Rezo in volume 5 with his plan to kill Lina; he fled after Copy Rezo was defeated. Later in volume 6, he was assisting Mazenda in her original mission from the novels of recovering a manuscript of the Claire Bible, and creating Zanaffar using the procedure detailed within.

Kanzel is known best of his extraordinary ability of dimensional manipulation. He can withdraw to the astral side with amazing speed, and thus hitting him with a spell directly is close to being impossible. He can also make parts of his physical projection appear in different locations simultaneously, distracting and confusing his opponents.

Whenever he appeared, Kanzel never managed to out-live the story he was part of: He was cut into two by the Dragon Slave-infused Sword of Light in the novels, was dealt with in a similar way by Lina using the Ragna Blade in the anime, and was eaten by the semi-complete Zanaffar in the manga.

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