Karuas (Japanese: カルアス Romaji: karuasu) is a sorcerer who was the bodyguard of Daymia the Blue. His Japanese voice actor is Yūichi Nagashima and he was voiced by Nathan Price in the dub by Software Sculptors.

During the crisis in Atlas City, Karuas recruited Zelgadiss Graywords and Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune as additional bodyguards for Daymia. Little did he know that Tarim the Violet had hired Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev as bodyguards for him as well. When they arrived, Karuas began to assault them by sinking Gourry into the ground with a quick-sand spell. Thanks to his chimera shoulder-guards that Daymia had created for him, Karuas was able to cast three spells simultaneously using the two blow demon heads on it (though Lina pointed out that he could still technically only cast one spell at a time). After that, Lina used a Freeze Arrow to freeze Karuas in ice, and he was later seen wrapted up in bandages. Whatever happened to him after Tarim and Daymia were arrested is unknown.

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