King Dils II (full name Dils Rwon Gairia; Japanese: ディルス=ルォン=ガイリア Romaji: dirusu ruon gairia; also romanized as Dilus Luon Galia) is a historical ruler of the Kingdom of Dils. He was known as the "Resolute King".[1] Around 993 AK(?), he led an army north into the Kataart Mountains in an ill-fortuned attempt to destroy the piece of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu that was sealed in ice as the Demon King of the North. The entire army was destroyed, and Dils II himself was cursed with Raugnut Rushavna. If the legends are true, then Dils II is still alive at present in his cursed form, unable to die until the mazoku who cast the spell is destroyed.

The legend of Dils II is told in The Sorcerer of Atlas and also referenced in Gaav's Challenge.


  1. Gaav's Challenge, page 35

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