Kira 'Runan'

Kira 'Runan' (Japanese: キラ Romaji: kira) is a young pink-haired girl who only appears in the anime. She appears in episodes 36 and 37 of the series and in an eyecatch in Slayers TRY. She is voiced by Ikue Otani in the original version and by Rachael Lillis in the English dub. She is similar in appearence to Chibi-Usa from Sailor Moon.

When Lina Inverse had her powers sealed by Mazenda, she heard from the crown prince of Saillune about a sorcerer named "Runan" who could cure the effects of spell seals. Lina set out (along with Xelloss and Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova) to seek out Runan. What they didn't expect was to find a young girl who was in charge of the shop. According to Kira, Runan was her grandfather and he died over five years ago. Though she agreed to cure Lina's seal, the obsessive Martina added a poisonous chemical to the cauldron's mix and blew up Kira's shop. After which, Zazan attacked and was killed by Xelloss. They soon left the remains of Kira's shop afterwards.

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