The Knight of Ceifeed (赤の竜神の騎士スィーフィード・ナイト Romaji: sīfīdo naito) is a human who possesses a piece of Flare Dragon Ceifeed's spirit.

When Ceifeed sank into the Sea of Chaos at the end of the Shinma War approximately 4000 BK(?), a small amount of his power remained in the world. A human who possesses this power is known as the Knight of Ceifeed.

A Knight of Ceifeed seems to possess some kind of magical power, which allows him/her to confront even a high-ranking mazoku such as Xelloss, and also making the Knight capable of other extraordinary feats such as cutting a Dragon Slave in half with a sword. However, they don't possess Ceifeed's knowledge, and their physical body still has the same limitations as any human [1].

The current Knight of Ceifeed is Luna Inverse. None of the identities of any former Knights of Ceifeed are known.

See also Knight of Aqualord.


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