Lemmy Martin is a swordswoman with a serious case of sword-mania.


Lemmy in the Slayers Special novels

She possesses a huge amount of swords. She gives a name to each blade that she buys and even treats them as if they are her friends. She enjoys cutting things with her weapons and will readily kill anyone who's against her. Lemmy's known family members are her father, Gurzam, who was killed by a sorcerer called Kerun and her brother, Rod, who was killed by Gourry Gabriev.


While Lemmy's morality is highly debatable, she's usually seen fighting on the side of the protagonists for various reasons.


Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune met Lemmy before Lina. She was a bodyguard of Lord Zaien, but, thinking that Lemmy has a good heart, Amelia convinced her to change sides by telling her that she could kill many "bad guys". When the two defeat Lord Zaien, he tells them that the true villain is Diana, the person who hired Amelia. When they confront her in her home, Diana tries to put them to sleep, but to no avail. Once she is defeated, Lemmy and Amelia go their separate ways.

Lina Inverse and Naga the Serpent met Lemmy when she was trying to avenge the death of her father. One day they got lost and stumbled upon a castle, where they found Lemmy on the brink of a fight with Kerun. It turned out that the sorcerer wasn't truly Kerun, however, and they left the castle only to get lost once more.


Lemmy is very athletic, and excels at swordfighting, which, combined with her utter disregard for human life, makes her a deadly opponent in combat.



Lemmy's status in Slayers (SFC) game (MAX)

  • Slayers Special #3 Naga no bouken novel
  • Slayers Special #13 Aogeba uttoushi novel
  • Slayers Special #2, episode #11 manga
  • Slayers EX #2 Fukushu no yaiba drama

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