Light Inverse, as shown in the manga

Light Inverse is a character from the ongoing manga Slayers Light•Magic. Light is a young boy (his exact age is not specified) with crimson red hair who lives in the distant future relative to the events of the Slayers novels and anime. In this future, magic exists in legends only. The mazoku have recently reappeared, and are driving humans to near extinction.

Light lives with the last remaining human children on a floating biosphere called the Ark which has become the last haven for humankind after most of the population, including all of the adults at the time, were killed. Light, his friend Joshua, and other children defend the Ark from mazoku using flying machines called gunpods, though modern technology is ineffective against mazoku.

Light enjoys reading about the magic users of legend, and often reads the stories to other, mostly younger, children on the Ark. When Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev arrive on the Ark, he eventually persuades Lina to teach him how to use magic.

Though Light and Lina have the same last name, it has not yet been said if they are in any way related.

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