This is a list of episodes from the Slayers EVOLUTION-R anime series.

NEW COMER?新たなる旅立ち! NEW COMER? A new adventure begins!

OH MY HEAD!頭はどこだ? OH MY HEAD! Where did it go?

PARTNER! 二人は一心同体 PARTNER! They're sharing a body?

QUALITY TIME?愛ある生活? QUALITY TIME? A loving life?

RAIDER! 闇からの声! RAIDER! A voice from the darkness!

SEEK!狙われるのは誰だ! SEEK! Who is the target?

TOWN SCAPE 人に作られたモノゆえに TOWN SCAPE: Because it's a thing made by people

UNCOVER 暴かれる闇! UNCOVER: The darkness unveiled!

VOICE 壺の中身は何ですか? VOICE: What's inside the jar?

WISDOM 帰らぬ時を求めて! WISDOM: Wishing for times lost forever!

XENO 復活の代償 XENO: The master of resurrection


ZERO HOUR 滅びゆくもの! ZERO HOUR: Those heading to destruction!

Trivia: As well as in the episode titles in Slayers, the episode titles of Slayers EVOLUTION-R are in alphabetical order according to the 26-letter Latin alphabet. As it is a continuation of Slayers REVOLUTION, the episode titles pick up from where the previous series left off, beginning from the letter 'n'.

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