Low ranking mazoku (Japanese: 下級かきゅう魔族まぞく Romaji: kakyū mazoku) are one step above the lesser demons, the weakest of the mazoku. Some good examples of low-ranking mazoku are Seigram and Zorom.

Unlike the lesser demons, they are more intelligent and have the ability to project an image to the physical side, but their attempts at taking a human form generally fail: Their form is in some cases barely humanoid, in others looks more or less human but some apparent details such as fangs or spider-like eyes betray their nature immediately. They are sometimes summoned by powerful sorcerers to make a pact with them or otherwise force them to do their bidding.

Low ranking mazoku can be seriously wounded or even killed with a Dynast Breath-class spell, and a Dragon Slave-class spell destroys them for sure.

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