Mane (Japanese: マイン Romaji: main) is a small village located in the Duchy of Kalmaart.

Mane is located along old back roads that lead from the Kingdom of Saillune through Kalmaart and eventually into the Kingdom of Dils. A minor farming village with only one or two hundred residents, it holds little significance until Krotz founds the Cult of Shabranigdu. Most if not all of the townsfolk become members of the cult, which worships Ruby Eye Shabranigdu and demands material sacrifices to sate the Dark Lord's greed. Nearby towns are filled with fearful rumors of the cult, but have failed to do anything about the situation.

Mane and the surrounding area contain a number of abandoned, crumbling buildings, which the cult appropriates as meeting places and bases. The presence of so many abandoned and decaying structures may suggest the town has fallen on hard times, which would also explain why the townspeople might fall to worshiping the Dark Lord.

Lina Inverse and her travelling companions come to Mane after Lina's magic is sealed by the cult member Mazenda; there they meet with Zelgadiss Graywords and Xelloss, who have come in pursuit of a Claire Bible manuscript stolen by the cult. During the course of their stay, they kill all of the cult's high-ranking members. Xelloss nearly slaughters all of the cult's followers en masse, but Lina realizes that so many of the village's men are cult members that killing them all would mean the end of the village itself. She persuades Xelloss to use non-lethal force on the majority of the villagers, allowing Mane to survive.

The events of the novel The Silver Beast take place largely in Mane and the surrounding area.

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