Mazenda in her human form.

Mazenda (Japanese: マゼンダ Romaji: mazenda) is a middle-ranking mazoku, a servant of Chaos Dragon Garv. She takes on the appearance of a stunningly beautiful woman. She is voiced in the original Japanese version by Mako Hyodo and by Sharon Becker in the dub of Central Park Media.


Mazenda's true form.

Appearing in all three main mediums of Slayers, Mazenda had a similar, if a little different role in each version of the storyline. In the novels, she was one of the leaders of the Cult of Shabranigdu, and sought the Claire Bible manuscript in order to learn about the creation of Zanaffar. This was also her goal in the manga, but this time she was teamed up with Kanzel, and they searched for the manuscript together. In the anime, it was Mazenda who was helping Kanzel in his original mission from the novels, namely trying to lure Lina Inverse into a trap by threatening Prince Philionel El Di Saillune. Kanzel made a contract with Alfred Saillune in order to get him on the throne, with Mazenda assisting him. However, their plans changed when Lina and her friends appeared in Saillune. With the Slayers figuring out their plans and Alfred claiming Kanzel and Mazenda were forced to assist him due to their contract, Mazenda killed Alfred and pointed out she was never part of it.

Mazenda possesses the ability to seal the bucket capacity of individuals. If she manages to lure her opponents into a magical pentagram made from strands of her hair, the person's bucket capacity will be more or less nullified, insufficient even for a faint Lighting spell. The seal is not always permanent; if the victim's original magic capacity was big enough, it will gradually break down. However, this is a very slow process. The only known method of surely getting rid of the seal is killing Mazenda herself.

Needless to say, this event did occur in all three versions of the story: In the novels and the manga, Mazenda was eventually killed by Xelloss, while in the anime, she was cut down by Lina Inverse wielding the Sword of Light.

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