Meet again
Meet again
Single from Slayers 10th Anniversary
Main Artist Megumi Hayashibara
Released July 26, 2006
Retail Price 1200¥
Length 22:26
Tracks 5
Label King Records/Star Child
No. KICM-1164[1]


Meet again is a single released for celebrating the 10th anniversary of Slayers and it is sung in character by Megumi Hayashibara, Lina Inverse's voice actress. The back cover of the CD case features Lina in the same pose and outfit as Hayashibara on the front cover.

Track List Edit

# Title Length
01 Meet again 4:44
02 Get along 〜SelfTag Version〜 4:07
03 Give a reason 〜Ballade Version〜 4:33
04 don't be discouraged 4:09
05 Meet again(Off Vocal Version) 4:44

Album Art Edit

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References Edit

  1. "KICM-1164 at VGMdb".

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