Mega Brand (爆裂陣(メガ・ブランド) mega burando?, kanji: lit. "Bomb Rend Ranks", also known as "Mega Explosion Array") is an offensive earth shamanistic spell.

The spell does not differ significantly from Dill Brand, but the area of effect is greater, making it possible to attack even more targets. Since the amount of dirt which flies up is increased, the spell's ability to cloud the visibility of opponents is also more potent. However, the increased area of effect also means that other party members have a greater chance of accidently becoming victims of the spell.

(Article taken from Slayers Universe.)





subete no chikara no minamoto yo
haha nari shiko no mugen no daichi yo
ware ni shitagai chikara to nare



In other languagesEdit

  • Mega Bomba (Spanish, lit. Mega Bomb)
  • Mega Marca (Spanish, lit. Mega Brand)
  • Mega Granada (Spanish, lit. Mega Grenade)
  • Mega Raggio (Italian, lit. Mega Ray)

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