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Meteor Fall (Japanese: 流星轟落呪メテオ・フォール Kanji translation: Meteor Roar Fall Spell, Romaji: meteo fōru) is a powerful offensive spell. QP/Diana lists it as belonging to astral shamanistic magic[1], although the spell is not categorized (if present at all) in any Slayers guidebooks.

The spell does not deal damage directly; instead, it causes a nearby asteroid to leave its orbit and crash into the planet where the caster designates. Meteor Fall can possibly destroy even a small city. Using the spell is a bit tricky, however, because if the asteroid affected is not big enough, it will be destroyed while entering the atmosphere, producing a mere shooting star.

This powerful spell is quite rare, known only by few.



Heed me, thou who casts thy gaze from the heavens upon this land.
Now, bring thy power to Earth...
Meteor Fall!


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