Middle-ranking mazoku (Japanese: 中級ちゅうきゅう魔族まぞく Romaji: chūkyū mazoku) generally serve as lieutenants of a mazoku lord. There are not too many of them and are quite strong, but their power is still far from that of a high-ranking mazoku. Two well known examples of a middle-ranking mazoku are Kanzel and Mazenda.

They are the weakest of the mazoku being able to blend into mortal society entirely; their projected form looks completely human. They are quite intelligent and like to plan ahead. When their plans or orders require it, they sometimes propose a deal to powerful mortals, although they usually use them as simple pawns to reach their goals which may have nothing to do with the contract, and often do not have any intention to fulfill their part of the deal.

They show some resistance against Dynast Breath-class spells, although they do damage them to an extent. Weaker spells, such as Blast Ash are useless against them. Dragon Slave-class spells have the ability to seriously hurt or even destroy them, but only on a direct hit, and such mazoku often have special methods such as advanced dimensional manipulation to get out of the way.

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