Moldirag attacks Lina

Moldirag (Japanese: モルディラグ Romaji: morudiragu) is a low-ranking mazoku which serves General Rashatt. Its upper body resembles a woman's torso and its lower body resembles the roots of a tree.

After the destruction of Chaos Dragon Garv, Rashatt transfers his loyalty to Hellmaster Fibrizo, who instructs him to harass Lina Inverse to speed her journey to Sairaag. In order to pose a reasonable threat to Lina without risking killing her, he summons Moldirag to battle her. Moldirag attacks Lina directly, while Rashatt defends and supports it.

When Lina exhausts herself by repeatedly casting Dragon Slave, Rashaat allows Moldirag to be destroyed by a Ra Tilt from Amelia as an excuse to retreat and allow Lina time to recover. Seeing this, Lina realizes that Rashatt has been forbidden to kill her, and uses the knowledge to destroy the general when he next attacks.

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