Niji no You ni
Like a Rainbow
Slayers N>EX ED
Artist 奥井雅美
Masami Okui
Lyricist 奥井雅美
Masami Okui
Composer 奥井雅美
Masami Okui
Arranger 矢吹俊郎
Toshirō Yabuki
King Records single
Title Naked mind
Catalog number KIDA-143
Time 4:36
Japanese lyrics
Romaji lyrics
The Naked mind single was released on December 5, 1996. Niji no You ni also appears on KICA-336 (ON AIR Size), KICA-340 (ON AIR Size), KICA-343 (ON AIR Size), KICA-347 (ON AIR Size), KICA-454, KICS-642 (PRISMIX), and KICS-1068/1069.

Niji no You ni (Japanese: 虹のように Like a Rainbow) is the ending theme to Slayers N►EX. On the song's single, it was coupled with naked mind, the opening theme to Slayers N>EX.

CD availabilityEdit

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