Otome no inori
A Maiden's Prayer
Slayers NEXT Image Song
Artist 林原めぐみ·鈴木真仁
Megumi Hayashibara, Masami Suzuki
Lyricist 渡部高志
Takashi Watanabe
Composer 奥井雅美
Masami Okui
Arranger 矢吹俊郎
Yabuki Toshirō
Japanese lyrics
Romaji lyrics
English Lyrics


Otome no inori first appeared in Slayers NEXT Episode 14 being sung by Lina and Amelia (and Zelgadiss directing them, although he doesn't appear in the released track).

Searching for a Claire Bible manuscript, Lina and the others found an ancient book describing a musical spell. The spell required participants to dress up in costumes and chant together. Lina thought the song being was a holy spell of magical protection but it turned out to be a lost festival song to summon holy light and flower petals. When she discovered this discrepancy, she blew up everyone with a hastily cast Drag Slave.

Music VideoEdit

A music video featuring all-new animation was released with the Japanese Slayers NEXT DVD-BOX.

Otome No Inori, Version para DVD de Slayers Next02:26

Otome No Inori, Version para DVD de Slayers Next

CD availabilityEdit

Original Edit

Other Versions Edit

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