This article is about a small town located in Lyzeille, referred to in the English novel translation as Raizeel. This is not the actual name of the town, which is never revealed in the original version of the novels; the translator of The Silver Beast, however, confused the name of the town with the name of the empire it resides in (and used a different romanization), thus referring to it as "Raizeel".

Little is known about it other than the fact that it contains a temple that housed a Claire Bible manuscript that was taken from the ancient kingdom of Letidius by a high priest when it fell. One of the high priest's descendants, harboring doubts over the veracity of the manuscript, experimented with the techniques contained within around 900 AK(?); the result was the Demon Beast Zanaffar, which destroyed the original Sairaag. Though they hid their responsibility for the incident, rumors of the Claire Bible manuscript circulated. In the novel storyline in 1012 AK(?), the manuscript was stolen by the Cult of Shabranigdu, which began using it to produce sets of Zanaffar Armor. The manuscript was ultimately destroyed by Xelloss to prevent further misuse.

In The Silver Beast, the cultist Feltis appears to have a grudge against Xelloss, and Xelloss refers to "a tussle with them near Raizeel". (The correct translation would be "on the road to Lyzeille".) Zelgadiss also refers to encountering Xelloss near the town. Though this is not elaborated on further in the novels, more details of the theft of the manuscript are provided in the afterword of Slayers Special #8.