Raltaak in the background, attacking Lina and Amelia

Raltaak (Japanese: ラルターク Romaji rarutāku; also romanized as Raltark by fans) is a mazoku and the priest of Chaos Dragon Garv in Slayers. Raltaak, along with Garv's general Rashatt, was created sometime around the Kōma War. Because he is one of two servants created by Garv, on his own Raltaak is half as powerful as Xellos, equally powerful as any one of the servants created by Deep Sea Dolphin, and twice as powerful as any one of the four servants created by Dynast Grausherra.

When Garv turned against Ruby Eye Shabranigdu, Raltaak sided with his master. Sometime around 1011 AK(?), Garv learned that Ruby Eye's subordinate Hellmaster Fibrizo was planning something involving Lina Inverse. Garv did not know what exactly this plan was, but since he and Fibrizo were enemies, he decided to kill Lina as a precaution. He had Raltaak and Rashaat carry out this task for him.

In the novels, Raltaak first encountered Lina and co. in Vezendi, pretending to be the butler of Radok Ranzaad. Ranzaad was, in fact, the merged Zuuma-Seigram. Both Zuuma and Seigram wanted revenge on Lina for defeating them before. Raltaak, along with two other lower ranking mazoku, Dugld and Gduza, was (presumably) sent to assist in achieving their common goal. Raltaak disappeared shortly after Zuuma-Seigram, Dugld, and Gduza were destroyed.

He later attacked Lina near Gyria City, but was fended off by Xellos, who was working for Fibrizo at that point and was instructed to protect Lina from Garv's servants.

Raltaak tried to kill her a third time by starting a forest fire. While he and Rashatt fought Xellos to keep him busy, Raltaak sent some lower ranking mazoku to keep Lina and her friends from escaping the fire. This also failed, since Lina and co. were able to defeat the mazoku and escape to safety. The battle between Raltaak, Rashatt, and Xellos ended in a stalemate.

When Lina reached the Clair Bible at Dragon's Peak, Raltaak attempted to kill her again. After he and Rashatt battled Xellos a second time, Raltaak was killed by Lina with a Dragon Slave channeled through the Sword of Light and an astral side attack from Xellos.

Raltaak's role in the Super Explosive Demon Story manga is similar. However, the incident in Vezendi and the forest fire are left out of the manga storyline.

Raltaak is left out of the anime entirely, more or less replaced by Seigram.


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