The Kingdom of Ralteague (Japanese: ラルティーグ王国 Romaji: rarutīgu oukoku) is a country bordered by Lyzeille to the west, Dils to the north, Kalmaart and Saillune to the east, and the Alliance of Coastal States to the south.

The capital city of the Kingdom was Dabuon, but a bloody conflict occurred within the royal family 15 years prior to its appearance in the series.

Other cities in Ralteague include Sellentia, Tyler City, Figaro, Winbou, Dryad, Demidas, Prokiam, Sanburuku, and True City.

Events around Ralteague are missing from the anime, but many stories from the novels take place in it, both from the main story arc and the Slayers Special series.

The events of the novel Hatred in Sellentia take place in Ralteague.

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