Randy's Wizard

Randy's Wizard

This unnamed wizard was the partner of Randionel Saillune during his plot to asassinate his eldest brother, Philionel El Di Saillune, the crown prince of Saillune. His Japanese voice actor is Banjo Ginga and his Software Sculptors voice is supplied by Carter Cathcart.

The wizard and Randy summoned hordes of Lesser demons, Blow demons, and Brass demons to attack the villages surrounding Saillune. These attacks became so bad that one day Phil (along with the deceitful Randy and Lina Inverse) decided to journey to the cave where the demons where comming from. Shortly after meeting his wizard, Randy revealed his plot and attacked them. Of course, after Randy's niece Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune, along with Gourry Gabriev, arrived, the wizard then summoned the unusually large brass demon Garundia. However, Phil easily destroyed Garundia with two blows and all of the other demons were destroyed. Randy, out of desperation, than launched a Fireball at his niece and in response she fired her own. When they collided, Randy and his wizard both perished in the explosion.

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