Rashatt, from novel 7

Rashatt (Japanese: ラーシャート Romaji: rāshāto, also romanized as both Ralshart and Rarshart by fans) is the general of Chaos Dragon Garv. He appears in the 7th and 8th novels and in the 7th issue of the manga. In the former, he is ultimately destroyed in the end by Lina Inverse, while in the latter he is killed by Xelloss. Just like Garv's priest Raltaak, he does not appear in the anime for some reason, more or less replaced by Seigram, one of Garv's minions.

In the novels, Rashatt first appeared posing as an ordinary human general in Gyria City. He tried to recruit Lina to teach black magic to the soldiers under his command. Lina suspected that the kingdom was preparing for a war against mazoku, but before she could begin her job as an instructor, Xelloss staged a fake assassination attempt against her, in which a considerable portion of the city was burned down.

Lina encountered Rashatt a second time while on her way to Dragon's Peak. Rashatt and Raltaak set fire to the forest in an attempt to kill Lina. However, Lina was able to escape while Xelloss fought both Rashatt and Raltaak to a stalemate.

Rashatt and Raltaak attacked Lina a third time after she reached the Claire Bible. Lina and Xelloss worked together to destroy Raltaak, causing Rashatt to flee. Rashatt returned soon afterwards with Garv.

Following Garv's destruction, Rashatt began serving Hellmaster Fibrizo. He engaged Lina in battle several times on her way to Sairaag. The first time, he teamed up with a weaker Mazoku called Moldirag, defending it while it attacked Lina; although the sorceress was overwhelmed, he retreated when Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune and Zelgadiss Graywords interrupted. On the second occasion, Lina repeatedly cast Dragon Slave until her power was exhausted. When it was clear that she could no longer fight, Rashatt allowed Moldirag to be destroyed and used it as an excuse to retreat. Lina realized that Rashatt was under orders not to actually kill her, only to pressure her so as to speed her advance to Sairaag. She took advantage of this in her final confrontation with Rashatt and closed her eyes when she attacked him. Not wanting to risk killing her, Rashatt hesitated to counterattack, and was struck down by the Ragna Blade as a result.

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