Recovery (治癒(リカバリィ) rikabarī?, kanji: lit. "Be at peace Healing") is a basic white magic[1] healing spell.

The spell actually does not heal the target directly, but rather hastens his or her natural healing rate, which makes wounds close and disappear in a matter of minutes or seconds, depending on the seriousness of the injury. However, such a process is exhausting for the human body, and therefore casting Recovery on someone who is already weak because of injury or illness will do more harm than good; the recipient may very well die. In such a case, using Resurrection is necessary. Furthermore, the spell also affects any bacteria or viruses inside the target's body, so casting it on a diseased person may actually worsen the disease.

It is rumored that casting the spell on undead may have a reverse effect, damaging the creatures instead of healing them.



願わくば 我が前に横たわりしこの者を
その大いなる慈悲にて 救いたまえ


seinaru iyashi no mite yo
haha naru daichi no ibuki yo
ganwakuba waga maeni yoko tawareshi kono mono wo
sono ooinaru jihinite sukuishi tamae


Software Sculptors dub translation:

Blessed humble hand of God.
Breath of Mother Earth,
I pray thee come before me,
show your great compassion to this person
and deliver them



  • In the novels Zelgadiss doesn't know this spell at first, but Amelia teaches him how to use it.
  • Lina knows or created a variant of this spell with an opposite effect that she uses to reverse some trolls' healing ability.

In other languagesEdit

  • Recuperación (Spanish, lit. Recovery)
  • Hechizo Curativo (Spanish, lit. Healing Spell)
  • Guarigione (Italian, lit. Recovery)
  • Heilzauber (German, lit. Health Spell)


  1. Encyclopedia Slayers, pag. 235

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