Rod (Japanese: ロッド Romaji: roddo) is a character from the Slayers novel The Sorcerer Of Atlas.

Rod is a little over twenty years old. His appearance is cold, pale, and ghostly. Lina describes his voice as "cold, clear, and sharp... like a sword". He is a masterful swordsman, possessing skill comparable to Gourry.

Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev first encounter Rod when he enters a bar looking to recruit bodyguards for Tarim the Violet. Rod knows of Lina by reputation and seeks to hire her; he also senses that Gourry is a master swordsman and expresses a desire to duel him. Lina and Gourry accept the bodyguard job and end up working with Rod for a time. However, Rod's bloodlust proves stronger than his loyalty. He transfers his allegiance to Halcyform the White so that he will be able to fight with Gourry. When Lina and Gourry arrive at Tarim's mansion, they find that Rod has slaughtered most of Tarim's other mercenaries and wounded Lantz. Gourry accepts Rod's demand for a duel and slays him.


  • Rod is the big brother of the sword-maniac Lemmy.
  • Though Rod does not appear in the anime, he along with his former partner Lantz might have served as inspiration for the anime-only character Zangulus.

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