Rubia in the anime

Rubia (Japanese: ルビア Romaji: rubia) was an assistant to the Atlas City Sorcerer's Guild chairman Halcyform the White.

Halcyform was in love with Rubia, but she died in an accident during one of his experiments, and Halcyform, unable to cope with her loss, tried several methods to brink her back to life, which vary depending on the media.


In the novels, Halcyform created a copy of Rubia who, like the original works as his assistant; most people do not even notice the change. She possesses free will, but none of the memories of the original Rubia, and is exasperated that her master does not acknowledge this. Copy Rubia attempts to help the Slayers defeat Halcyform, directing them to what she believes is Halcyform's Pledge Stone. When Halcyform nearly defeats the Slayers, Copy Rubia picks up the Sword of Light and wields it herself. Halcyform cannot bring himself to attack her, and allows her to kill him. Lina decides not to reveal to anyone that Rubia is only a copy. When Lina returns to Atlas City in the fifteenth novel, Copy Rubia is running a flower shop and owns a greenhouse.


In the anime, Halcyform steals the life energy of other humans in order to bring Rubia back to life; it is unsure whether the target of these experiments, the figure encased in a crystal is the real Rubia or a copy. Despite the interference of Lina Inverse and her friends, Halcyform's experiment succeeds; however, Rubia is nothing but an empty, soulless shell, who begs to Halcyform to destroy her. Overcome by grief, Halcyform casts a Burst Flare, killing himself along with Rubia.

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