Slayers TRY Treasury ☆ Vox
Image Album from Slayers TRY
Main Artist Various
Released June 21, 1997
Retail Price 3059¥
Length 45:27
Tracks 10
Label King Records/Star Child
No. KICA-351[1]


SLAYERS TRY TREASURY☆VOX is a soundtrack consisting of the theme songs and main character image songs from Slayers Try. The CD booklet includes character pictures for each song, showing the characters represented.

Track List Edit

# Title Character Length
02 Breeze Slayers TRY Opening Theme 4:22
03 BUT BUT BUT Xelloss 4:44
04 Stand up! Amelia 4:42
05 more than words Zelgadiss 5:59
06 EXIT→RUNNING Lina 4:23
07 WARU -Bad Blood- Valgarv 4:13
08 somewhere Filia 3:48
09 SO IN THE WORLD Gourry 4:30
10 don't be discouraged Slayers TRY Ending Theme 4:11

Album Art Edit

References Edit

  1. "KICA-351 at VGMdb".

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