Sellentia (Japanese: セレンティア Romaji: serentia) is a large city within the Kingdom of Ralteague that provides the setting of Hatred in Sellentia.

Sellentia is famous as the "City of Shrines" because it contains five large shrines to Flare Dragon Ceifeed and his four Dragon Kings. The shrine to Aqualord Ragradia is in the north, the shrine to Firelord Vrabazard is in the east, the shrine to Earthlord Rangort is in the south, the shrine to Airlord Valwin is in the west, and the shrine to Ceifeed is in the center.

Sellentia fell into turmoil when the Shrine of Ceifeed burned down and its High Priest died. The High Priests of each of the other four temples claimed to hear the voice of Ceifeed declaring them to be the central shrine's new High Priest. The priests began hiring mercenaries and assassins to kill each other.

The voice they heard was actually that of the mazoku Zenui, a servant of Dynast Grausherra. Zenui hid inside the Shrine of Ceifeed and disseminated false information to the priests in order to start a conflict between them. It told them to hire mercenaries in order to draw Luke and Milina to the city, so that Milina could be killed and the piece of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu within Luke awakened. After discovering Zenui, Lina Inverse destroyed him with a Dragon Slave.

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