Shadow Snap (Japanese: 影縛りシャドウ・スナップ, Kanji translation: Shadow Bind, Romaji: shadō sunappu) is a spell used to immobilize enemies, belonging to astral shamanistic magic[1].

The spell is usually cast on a small object, which then can be thrown at the opponent's shadow. If the object lands on it, it causes the shadow to be frozen in place, preventing its owner from moving. The target can still breathe, speak (and therefore cast spells), but is otherwise held completely rigid and motionless. Despite this, the spell cannot be used to stop a person from falling because it only affects the astral plane and not the physical world. In other words, the person is unable to move because they believe they can't.[2] Any magical or natural phenomena, which causes the target's shadow to disappear, if only for a moment, dispels Shadow Snap. (The spell Lighting is commonly used to achieve this.)


In other languagesEdit

  • Fijación de Sombra (Spanish, lit. Shadow Fix)


  1. Encyclopedia Slayers, pag. 224

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