A side (Japanese: サイド; also translated as plane) is a word used in the Slayers world to refer to planes, a word commonly used in fantasy literature to describe different realities which, unlike the so-called "alternative universes," have some kind of connection to each other. In the Slayers and Lost Universe series, two kinds of sides exist.

Physical sidesEdit

Four known physical sides exist, and are commonly described as staves which have risen from the Sea of Chaos. From the native point of view, these worlds all look more or less like "our" world, but some (unknown) differences in makeup do seem to exist, which result in various difficulties for interplanar travellers.

Coexistant sides or sub-sidesEdit

These planes are closely connected to one of the physical sides on a point-to-point basis. In some cases beings residing in such a side are able to interact with the other sides their side is coexistant with to a limited degree. The astral side of the Slayers world belongs to this category.

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