Slayers: Super-Explosive Demon Story (Japanese: 超爆ちょうばく魔道伝まどうでんスレイヤーズ Romaji: chōbaku madouden sureiyāzu) is an eight volume manga series illustrated by Shoko Yoshinaka. The series is mostly an adaptation of the first story arc of the main novels, except for the 4th volume which is an adaptation of the second movie, Slayers Return. The anime series also seems to have influenced the manga during the later half of its run.

List of All VolumesEdit

Volume Title Release date ISBN
01 Legend of Darkness
JPN: September 1995
US: July 9, 2002
US: 1-58664-866-7
460846-slayers 01 001

Chapters list
1. The Bomber Girl Appears!
2. Guard the Golden Muscle!!
3. Breach the Impregnable Fortress!
4. The Heretics' Plot
5. Over Mountains, over Streams, the Dragon's Vale

02 Legend of Darkness
(US: Legacy of the Dragon God)
JPN: April 1996
US: December 15, 2002
US: 1-58664-867-5
460834-slayers 02 001

Chapters list
6. Secrets of Orihalcon
7. Enigmatic Treasures...?
8. Stone of the Sages
9. A New Enemy?
10. Lina in a Pinch
11. Rezo, the Legendary Sage

03 Legend of Darkness
(US: Red Priest)
JPN: July 1996
US: December 3, 2003
US: 1-58664-913-2
460835-slayers 03 001

Chapters list
12. The Man Behind the Curtain
13. Zelgadis's Past
14. Rezo's Wrath
15. Rezo's Eyes
16. Reviving a Demon!? What next?

04 Return JPN: April 1997
US: February 4, 2004
US: 1-58664-914-0
460837-slayers 04 001

Chapters list
She's on a Roll!!
Make Way for Tsine, the Evil Organization!
The Legendary Magical Monster!!
Galef's Ambitions

05 The Ghost City
(US: City of Lost Souls)
JPN: July 1997
US: June 2, 2004
US: 1-58664-915-9
460838-slayers 05 001

Chapters list
17. A Gourry Calamity
18. Mystery of the Homunculi
19. Suspects Again
20. Reviving Rezo
21. The Black Wave
22. The Truth of Darkness
23. Destination of Souls

06 Silver White Magical Beast
(US: Lina the Teenage Sorceress)
JPN: August 1998
US: September 15, 2004
US: 1-58664-930-2
460840-slayers 06 001

Chapters list
24. Destination: Hot Spring!!
25. The Oracle's Location
26. Dimensional Commandment Investigation Part 1
27. Dimensional Commandment Investigation Part 2
28. The Night before the Battle
29. Battle with the Xanasphar

07 The Claire Bible
JPN: December 2000
US: December 1, 2004
US: 1-58664-937-X
460841-slayers 07 001

Chapters list
30. She's Back! The Brilliant Ravishing Sorceress, Lina!!
31. The Demons Return
32. Approach of the Demon Shadow
33. Friends and Demons
34. The Claire Bible
35. The Chaos Dragon Appears
36. Yikes! Hellmaster!

08 King of the Ghost City
JPN: September 2001 4-04-712276-9

Chapters list
37. Resuming
38. Enemy: Gourry!
39. Lina's Resolve
40. Sairaag, City of Death
41. Hellmaster's Game
42. The Lord of Nightmare's Power
Final Chapter. Lina's Return! The Grand Finale
Super Extra Chapter. Summer!!


  • The first seven volumes of Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Story were translated into English by CPM Manga between 2002 and 2004. The eighth volume, "King of the Ghost City," was scheduled to be released in English in 2005, but the release was cancelled, along with several other titles by CPM Manga.
  • This series is usually confused to be an adaptation of the two first seasons of the TV series. However, while the influence is indeed traceable, the manga actually follows the novels a lot more closely than the anime.

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