Slayers: The Hourglass of Falces is a one-book manga illustrated by Asahi, which chaters were previously published in the two-volume series Slayers Legend. It is noted as the first and only Slayers manga series to include the up to then novel-only characters Luke and Millina.

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Release date ISBN
JP: November 2008
JP: 4-04-712578-0
Slayers - The Hourglass of Falshes

Chapters list
01. Vacation! Invitation To A Tropical Island.
02. An Illusion? The Darkness Of Doubt Within The City Is Brought To Light.
03. Requiem, Assembled Serenade.
04. The Transient Sands Of Time, Fluttering In The Sun's Dying Light.

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  • Though this is the first time Luke and Millina are seen, it is clear they have been travelling with Lina for some time.
  • Luke's identity as one of the shards of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu is implied several times during the story, most prominently during the battle with Ranzam, when Luke survives a direct hit from a Dragon Slave, a spell that draws its power from Ruby Eye and thus is useless against him.
  • Though she doesn't appear in the main story, Naga the Serpent makes a cameo appearance when Noa finds her washed up on the shore of Falces Island in the last panel of the manga.