Slayers DVD-BOX
Box set from Slayers
Released May 26, 2006
Discs 7
Episodes EP01 (Slayers)-EP26 (Slayers)
Sound Dolby Digital
Label Bandai Visual
No. BCBA-2479
Price 23,100 yen
Region 2

The Slayers DVD-BOX is a special-edition DVD box set of the first Slayers television series. It was released by Bandai Visual in Japan on May 26, 2006, and production is set to stop September 30, 2006.

The packaging features new artwork by Naomi Miyata, the character designer of the television series.


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Disc 7Edit


  • 32-page liner note booklet
  • CD drama featuring the original cast
  • Creditless opening and ending
  • Nine-minute clip from EP01 (Slayers) showcasing the various languages the series has been dubbed into, such as English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Italian, and Spanish

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