Slayers Etcetera ① Lina Inverse Goes Today, Too
KICA-250 front
スレイヤーズ えとせとら① Excellent! リナ=インバース今日も行く
Album from Slayers
Main Artist Osamu Tezuka, Vink
Released July 05, 1995
Retail Price 3000¥
Length 52:38
Tracks 18
Label King Records/Star Child
No. KICA-250[1]

Description Edit

Track List Edit

# Title Title (Romaji) Title (English)[2] Type Length
01 Get along <ALBUM VERSION> Vocal 4:05
02 Oh! What Lovely Lina BGM 3:01
03 I Want This World BGM 2:57
04 かくて勇者は旅立たん Kakute yuusha wa tabidatan Thus the Heroes Begin Their Journey BGM 2:28
05 いきなし大殺陣! Ikinashi daitate! Breathless Swordfight! BGM 2:50
06 Gourry THE WARRIOR BGM 3:45
07 スレイヤーズ倶楽部① SUREIYAAZU kurabu 1 Slayers Club 1 Drama 2:47
08 聖戦伝 Seisenden Legend of the Holy War BGM 3:10
09 赤法師レゾ Akahoushi REZO Red Priest Rezo BGM 1:41
10 道中記 Douchuuki Travel Journal BGM 3:43
11 眠れない夜はNemurenai yoru wa... On Sleepless Nights... Vocal 4:56
12 Nightmare BGM 1:25
13 M Is For Monster BGM 2:51
14 ヒロイック・アクションをどうぞ HIROIKKU AKUSHON o douzo Here's Your Heroic Action BGM 3:07
15 勝利は私のためにある! Shouri wa watashi no tame ni aru! Victory Will Always Be Mine! BGM 1:48
16 スレイヤーズ倶楽部② SUREIYAAZU kurabu 2 Slayers Club 2 Drama 3:10
17 KUJIKENAIKARA! Because I'll Never Give Up! Vocal 4:35
18 観てくんなきゃ、暴れちゃうぞ! Mitekunakya, abarechauzo! If You Don't Watch, I'll Go on a Rampage! BGM 0:19 

Album ArtEdit

References Edit

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