Slayers Great: The Motion Picture "G"
Soundtrack from Slayers Great
Main Artist Takayuki Hattori
Released September 26, 1997
Retail Price 1800¥
Length 32:43
Tracks 15
Label King Records/Star Child
No. KICA-364[1]


Track List Edit

# Title Title (Romaji) Title (English)[2] Type Length
01 Reflection <LAST SUMMER MIX> Vocal 5:20
02 メインタイトル <for “ぐれえと”> MEIN TAITORU <for "gureeto"> Main Title for "Great" BGM 0:18
03 二人のロード Futari no ROODO Two Lords BGM 0:46
04 ライア,不幸の始まり RAIA, fukou no hajimari Laia, the Beginning of Her Misfortune BGM 1:12
05 アインバーグの娘 - 神飾りはネコゴーレム AINBAAGU no musume - kamikazari wa NEKO GOOREMU The Young Lady Einberg - Her Hair Ornaments are Cat-Golems BGM 1:47
06 ハイゼンとグラニオン、恐怖の計画 HAIZEN to GURANION, kyoufu no keikaku Haizen and Granion, Their Terrifying Scheme BGM 1:29
07 陰謀の影 Inbou no kage A Shadow of Conspiracy BGM 1:39
08 GLORIA~君に届けたい~ GLORIA~Kimi ni todoketai~ GLORIA~I Want to Reach You~ Vocal 4:24
09 宿命の胎動 Shukumei no taidou Stirrings of Fate BGM 2:47
10 決戦!は,お祭りムードで Kessen! Wa omatsuri MUUDO de Decisive Battle! A Festive Mood BGM 1:41
11 巨大ゴーレム登場 Kyodai GOOREMU toujou An Enormous Golem Makes an Entry BGM 1:36
12 ガリア VS ヒューイ,びこびこ VS グラン・ゴッデス GARIA VS HYUUI, pikopiko VS GURAN GODDESU Galia VS Huey, Piko-Piko VS Grand Goddess BGM 2:20
13 リナ,ぴこぴこを越えて RINA, pikopiko wo koete Lina, Beyond Piko-Piko BGM 1:28
14 リナとナーガ,永遠の追いかけっこ RINA to NAAGA, eien no oikakekko Lina and Naga, Their Eternal Chase BGM 1:15
15 Reflection <MOVIE Size VERSION> Vocal 4:41

Album Art Edit

References Edit

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  2. "Translation by sherrasama".

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