Slayers NEXT Sound Bible I
KICA-307 front
Soundtrack from Slayers NEXT
Main Artist Osamu Tezuka, Vink2
Released June 21, 1996
Retail Price 3000¥
Length 55:09
Tracks 23
Label King Records/Star Child
No. KICA-307[1]


Track List Edit

# Title Title (Romaji) Title (English)[2] Type Length
01 Monologue of Lina I Drama 1:16
02 Give a reason (REMIX VERSION) Vocal 4:42
03 次なる敵と次なる報酬 Tsuginaru teki to tsuginaru houshuu The Next Enemies and the Next Rewards BGM 1:02
04 太陽の似合う場所から Taiyou no niau basho kara The Place That Suits the Sun BGM 2:12
05 己を信じて進むのみ Onore o shinjite susumu nomi I Can Only Go Forward by Believing in Myself BGM 2:08
06 歓迎されざる人々 Kangei sarezaru hitobito Unwelcome People BGM 1:52
07 誰が来ようとリナはリナ Dare ga koyou to RINA wa RINA Whoever May Come, Lina is Lina BGM 3:38
08 マルチナ,その野望と執念 MARUCHINA, so no yabou to shuunen Martina, Her Ambition and Tenacity BGM 3:31
09 雨のFar away Ame no Far away Far Away Rain Vocal 5:18
10 It's Time for Action! BGM 4:25
11 光る眼,光る刃 Hikaru me, hikaru yaiba Shining Eyes, Shining Blade BGM 1:50
12 A Man of Cold Blood BGM 2:44
13 ある愛の形 Aru ai no katachi A Form of Love BGM 1:35
14 Loneliness <that Nobody knows> BGM 1:22
15 異界黙示録クレアバイブル KUREA BIBURU Claire Bible BGM 1:49
16 Why should I Fear? BGM 2:32
17 無貌のセイグラム Mubou no SEIGURAMU Seigram the Faceless BGM 1:26
18 The Evil Eye BGM 1:19
19 巨大なる幻影の如く Kyodainaru genei no gotoku Like an Enormous Illusion BGM 1:32
20 Break Out into the Battle BGM 1:31
21 勇気という名の鍵を手に―戦いの扉 Yuuki toiu na no kagi o te ni - tatakai no tobira With a Key Called Courage in Hand - The Door to Battle BGM 1:15
22 邪魔はさせない Jama wa sasenai Don't Interfere Vocal 4:42
23 Monologue of Lina II Drama 1:28

Album Art Edit

References Edit

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  2. "Translation by sherrasama".

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