Slayers NEXT Sound Bible II
KICA-317 front
Soundtrack from Slayers NEXT
Main Artist Osamu Tezuka, Vink2
Released October 02, 1996
Retail Price 3000¥
Length 52:58
Tracks 23
Label King Records/Star Child
No. KICA-317[1]


Track List Edit

# Title Title (Romaji) Title (English)[2] Type Length
01 Monologue of Gourry I Drama 0:55
02 Give a reason BGM 4:26
03 伝説の勇者達 Densetsu no yuusha-tachi The Legendary Heroes BGM 1:18
04 Everyone was Hungry BGM 1:35
05 それは秘密です♥ Sore wa himitsu desu♥ That's a Secret ♥ BGM 1:14
06 Twinkle―Twinkle BGM 1:18
07 乙女の祈り Otome no inori A Maiden's Prayer BGM 2:19
08 Between A and B BGM 0:10
09 we are... Vocal 5:07
10 Day after Day BGM 2:54
11 青空の下で Aozora no shita de Under the Blue Sky BGM 1:48
12 Please,Show me the Way BGM 3:09
13 雨の後には花が咲く Ame no ato niwa hana ga saku After the Rain Flowers Bloom BGM 1:27
14 Confusion BGM 3:14
15 ゼロス,真の姿 ZEROSU, shin no sugata Xelloss, His True Form BGM 1:18
16 Next door to... BGM 1:31
17 邪魔はさせない <live rock-on> Jama wa sasenai Don't Interfere Vocal 4:41
18 Monologue of Gourry II Drama 1:22
19 Give a reason <TV Size VERSION> Vocal 1:37
20 乙女の祈り <KARAOKE with Lina> Otome no inori A Maiden's Prayer Karaoke 2:23
21 乙女の祈り <KARAOKE with Amelia> Otome no inori A Maiden's Prayer Karaoke 2:23
22 邪魔はさせない <TV Size VERSION> Jama wa sasenai Don't Interfere Vocal 1:22
23 Give a reason <GIGA-MIX VERSION> Vocal 5:27

Album Art Edit

References Edit

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  2. "Translation by sherrasama".

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