Slayers Premium (Japanese: スレイヤーズぷれみあむ) is the radio drama included with the special edition DVD of the Slayers Premium movie, available only in Japan. The drama has two parts: "Prologue of Premium" and "Epilogue of Premium."

Prologue of PremiumEdit

As its name suggests, this part is intended to be an introduction to the movie. Amelia and Zelgadiss come into a restaurant to get rid of some people who were eating up a large amount of the village's food, but they turn out to be none other than Lina and Gourry.

Meanwhile, Ruuma tries to sell the talismans her master made, but she has no luck and starts singing a song. Somewhere else, the Wise Octopus tells some other octopi they need to find a skilled sorcerer to get his plan of ruining humans started.

Back in the restaurant, Lina and co. talk about the movie and then Lina and Gourry leave for Akasshi, followed by Amelia and Zel. Just after they leave, Naga shows up in the restaurant and she decides to help the octopi.

Epilogue of PremiumEdit

Epilogue of Premium takes place after the movie. Just when Lina, Gourry, and Zel start wondering what happened to Amelia, Xelloss shows up with her, and they find out she's still speaking the octopus language. Ruuma and the Wise Octopus join them with some bad news, the new octopus queen's violating the agreement between humans and octopi by monopolizing the rights to sell octopus tentacles.

Ruuma hands Lina a letter from the queen saying that she wants to talk to Lina. After some more threatening letters come flying tied to arrows, Lina decides to go see the queen to settle things.

When the queen finally appears, inside a huge octopus golem, Lina starts arguing with her, but she casts the Giga Slave and sends the queen flying away. The point is that, in fact, this so-called queen was Naga.


  • Direction, composition: Junichi Satou
  • Script: Jirou Takayama
  • Music: Takayuki Hattori
  • Recording: Kimihiro Kawasaki
  • Assistant: Mitsuaki Itou
  • Effects: Yasuyuki Imano (Suwara pro)
  • Recording studio: TAVAC
  • Casting: Takumi Kohama (Toei academy)
  • Produced in cooperation with HAL FILM MAKER
  • Supervision: Hajime Kanzaka
  • Cooperation: Kadokawa Shoten, Fujimi division


  • Lina: Megumi Hayashibara
  • Gourry: Yasunori Matsumoto
  • Amelia: Masami Suzuki
  • Zelgadiss: Hikaru Midorikawa
  • Xelloss: Akira Ishida
  • Naga: Maria Kawamura
  • Ruuma: Yuri Shiratori
  • Wise Octopus: Takahiro Sakurai
  • Village Headman: Masaaki Tsukada
  • Child: Harumi Ikoma
  • Mother: Miwa Matsumoto
  • Girl: Ken Nakamura
  • Octopus: Kazunari Kojima

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