Slayers Special (Japanese: スレイヤーズ すぺしゃる Romaji: sureiyāzu supesharu) is a four volume manga series illustrated by Tommy Ohtsuka (Studio Zombie), following the adventures of Lina Inverse and Naga the Serpent. Almost half of its chapters are loosely based on episodes from the Slayers Special novels and the OVAs series.

List of All VolumesEdit

Volume Title Release date ISBN
01 JP: none
US: Touch of Evil
JP: 2000
US: 2002
JP: 4-04-712229-7
US: 1-58664-865-9
Slayers Special 01 001

Chapters list

02 JP: none
US: Notorious
JP: 2001
US: 2003
JP: 4-04-712261-0
US: 1-58664-902-7
Slayers Special 02 001

Chapters list

03 JP: none
US: Lesser of Two Evils
Japan: 2001
US: 2003
Japan: 4-04-712266-1
US: 1-58664-903-5
Slayers Special 03 001

Chapters list

04 JP: none
US: Spellbound
JP: 2001
US: 2003
JP: 4-04-712279-3
US: 1-58664-904-3
Slayers Special 04 001

Chapters list



Slayers Special

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