Slayers TRY Treasury ☆ BGM
Slayers TRY Treasury BGM
Soundtrack from Slayers TRY
Main Artist Osamu Tezuka, Vink3
Released August 21, 1997 (JPN)
August 10, 2004 (US)
Retail Price 3059¥ (JPN)
Length 69:29
Tracks 31
Label King Records/Star Child(JPN)
No. KICA-361[1] (JPN)
AT9316 (US)


Slayers TRY Treasury ☆ BGM is the first of two background music albums for Slayers TRY. The second is Slayers TRY TREASURY ☆ BGM 2.

Staff Edit

Track List Edit

# Title Title (Romaji) Title (English)[2] Type Length
01 ある朝,それは突然に Sore wa arusasa totsuzen ni It Happened Suddenly One Morning BGM 1:50
02 Breeze [TV Size] Vocal 1:41
03 don't be discouraged [Instrumental-1] BGM 1:03
04 あいかわらずの破壊力 Aikawarazu no hakairyoku As Destructive a Force as Ever BGM 1:38
05 Smile your trouble away! BGM 3:15
06 笑顔が幸せ連れてくる Egao ga shiawase o tsuretekuru A Smile that Brings Happiness BGM 4:33
07 Into Confusion BGM 1:08
08 そしていつもの四人組 Soshite itsumo no yoningumi And Then the Usual Foursome BGM 2:33
09 アイキャッチャー AIKYACCHA Eyecatcher BGM 0:09
10 don't be discouraged [HEARTBEAT MIX] Vocal 4:39
11 フィリア,その麗しき瞳に FIRIA, sono utukushiki hitomi ni Filia, in Her Beautiful Eyes BGM 1:27
12 The Tail of a Modern Woman BGM 2:43
13 横顔は憂いを帯びて Yokogao wa urei o obite A Profile Tinged with Sorrow BGM 1:08
14 Metamorphosis BGM 1:02
15 金色の翼 Kiniro no tsubasa Golden Wings BGM 2:01
16 The Shadow of Death BGM 2:04
17 火竜王族 Karyuuouzoku Clan of the Fire Dragon King BGM 1:29
18 Keep Faith with You BGM 1:26
19 FAIR WIND Vocal 5:44
20 強襲~異形の軍団 Kyoushuu~igyou no gundan Assault~A Strange-Looking Brigade BGM 1:07
21 Rebel against Destiny BGM 2:38
22 アルメイス ARUMEISU Armace BGM 3:23
23 Bloody Battle BGM 1:41
24 Breeze [WINDSTORM MIX] Vocal 5:24
25 旅立ちの予感 Tabidachi no yokan A Premonition of Departure BGM 2:04
26 Extreme Tension BGM 2:37
27 大空と大地の間で Oozora to daichi no aidade The Distance Between The Heavens and The Earth BGM 2:26
28 What in the World Happened? BGM 2:36
29 そして新たなる歴史へ Soshite aratanaru rekishi e And Then Toward a New History BGM 2:19
30 don't be discouraged [TV Size] Vocal 1:21
31 don't be discouraged [Instrumental-2] BGM 0:20

Album Art Edit

References Edit

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  2. "Translation by sherrasama".

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