The fundamentals of time and date measurements in Slayers seem to partly follow the Gregorian calendar: A year is made up of twelve months, and each month consists of around thirty days. Days are divided into 24 hours, which are made up of 60 minutes, which in turn also consist of 60 seconds. Contrary to the Gregorian calendar, however, the Slayers chronology uses relative dating, meaning that no specific zero-point or epoch exists to measure time from. It resembles the calendary of Tolkien, too.

In order to represent the Slayers chronology comprehensibly, KanzakaDex uses the Kōma War as an epoch to measure dates. For instance, 95 AK(?) means ninety-five years after the war, while 20 BK(?) means twenty years before it. This measurement is based on the fact that according to Xelloss, the 20th episode of Slayers NEXT happened precisely in 1012 AK(?). (In the other timelines, this should be the seventh novel, and also the seventh manga issue.)

This system is used solely for the purposes of this wiki, and should not be considered canon.

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