The Staff of Bone (Japanese: 餓骨杖 Romaji: gakotsujō) is a weapon created and wielded by Ruby Eye Shabranigdu. Akin to the five Dark Star Weapons, it was produced from Shabranigdu's own astral body and is strong enough to resist even the Blast sword. It resembles a staff made entirely of bones, but it can change itself to a sword form.

It is unknown when Shabranigdu first created the Staff, but Lina has heard of it by The Cursed Sword of Bezeld, as she lists it among a number of other legendary weapons that could replace Gourry's lost Sword of Light, along with the Elmekia Blade and even Flare Dragon Ceifeed's own sword.

The Staff of Bone appears in Demon Slayers!, where Luke-Shabranigdu wields it against Lina and Gourry. It can also be seen being held by Subordinate-S in an eyecatch from Slayers TRY.

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