StarMani Series: Slayers
Compilation Album from Slayers
Main Artist Various
Released November 23, 2005
Retail Price 1500¥
Length 66:28
Tracks 15
Label King Records/Star Child
No. KICA-726[1]


Star Mania Series: Slayers is an album released by King Records celebrating it's offshoot, StarChild's 25th anniversary.

Track List Edit

# Title Title (Romaji) Title (English) Source Length
01 Get along Slayers Opening Theme 4:05
02 MIDNIGHT BLUE Slayers: The Motion Picture Ending Theme 5:34
03 能あるライバルは爪を隠す Nou aru RIBARU tsume o kakusu A Skilled Rival Conceals Her Claws Naga's Image Song from Slayers: The Motion Picture 4:34
04 世界でいちばんのビクトリー Sekai de ichiban no BIKUTORII The Greatest Victory in the World Amelia's Image Song from Slayers 4:28
05 Going History Slayers EX. Opening Theme 4:32
06 Give a reason Slayers NEXT Opening Theme 4:26
07 邪魔はさせない Jama wa sasenai Don't Interfere Slayers NEXT Ending Theme 4:41
08 Just be conscious Slayers RETURN Ending Theme 4:41
09 we are... Zelgadiss's Image Song from Slayers NEXT 5:07
10 乙女の祈り Otome no inori A Maiden's Prayer Lina and Amelia's Image Song from Slayers NEXT EP14 2:23
11 naked mind Slayers N►EX Opening Theme 4:30
12 Secret~誰かのメッセージ Secret~Dareka no MESSEEJI Secret~Someone's Message Xelloss's Image Song from Slayers NEXT 4:58
13 don't be discouraged Slayers TRY Ending Theme 4:11
14 SO IN THE WORLD Gourry's Image Song from Slayers TRY 4:30
15 somewhere Slayers TRY Final Episode Theme 3:48

Album ArtEdit

References Edit

  1. "KICA-726 at VGMdb".

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