The Swordbreaker

The Swordbreaker (also Sword Breaker) is a Lost Ship, designed to work with humans (rather than consume them). Parts of its computer system manifests as Canal Vorfeed.

It can be protected by a psi-barrier, which Kain Blueriver could enhance. The psi-barrier can be placed in three layers on one side, giving it enough power to withstand even Ragudo Mezegis's Graviton Beam.

The Swordbreaker is armed with numerous weapons, including psi-blasters and powerful leap rail cannons which can generate black holes. Canal frequently adds extra weapons systems such as missile launchers to it. Mille even bought a Pon-Pon gun which was attached to the ship's hull (it was eventually destroyed in combat).

The strongest weapon system is the Plasma Blast, which requires a psychic such as Kain as its power source. To use it, "boost chips" must be deployed in front of the ship, briefly forming a six-pointed star-like formation. In addition to dealing high damage, it can counter similar blasts.

The Swordbreaker's ultimate technique is Psi Code Final, which greatly amplifies its powers, but at the cost of the captain's life. Alicia Shon Stargazer used this technique to defeat Gorun Nova.

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