The Swordsman of Light is a historical figure who lived around 892 AK(?). According to Hajime Kanzaka, the Swordsman was actually a woman.[1]

After the original Demon Beast Zanaffar destroyed Sairaag, the Swordsman slew it with the Sword of Light. When a flood of infinite miasma poured out of the Demon Beast's corpse, creating the Miasma Forest, she planted the holy tree Flagoon to absorb and purify the miasma. Sairaag was subsequently rebuilt around the holy tree. The legend says that she rode on a dragon, who Kanzaka revealed was a young male ryūzoku who followed her everywhere for one reason or the other.

Gourry Gabriev might be a descendant of the Swordsman of Light. His ancestor Rowdy Gabriev is known to have once possessed the sword, but is not the swordsman of the legend; he might be an ancestor or descendant of her.


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