Tiba's true form

Tība (Japanese: ティーバ Romaji: tība) is a mazoku that looks like a chicken. The Slayers meet him in Rezo's lair. Though he appears to be a harmless fowl, in reality he is an evil chicken demon who had his powers sealed inside a special mask by Rezo. He was killed by Zelgadiss and Amelia's combined Ra Tilt after Lina shot off one of his wings with a tablet which contained Rezo's legacy, which was actually a manuscript of the Claire Bible.

He is mainly comic relief in his base form, though he becomes a somewhat more serious toned villain after changing into his true form via his mask. His Japanese voice is supplied by the late Kazumi Tanaka and his English voice is supplied by Adam Sholder (Base Form) and Roger Kay (True Form).

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