Taforashia (Japanese: タフォーラシア Romaji: tafōrashia) is a kingdom featured in Slayers REVOLUTION. It is presumed to be part of the Alliance of Coastal States.

Taforashia's citizens are descendants of the original inhabitants of Sairaag. About 10 years before the events of REVOLUTION, the Durum sickness plagued the kingdom, killing many. When the king became infected, Rezo, the Red Priest, appeared and sealed the king and the citizens of Taforashia in suspended animation so they would not be affected by the disease while a cure could be developed. Rezo used a magic jar to transfer the spirits of the king's son, Prince Posel Korba Taforashia (Pokota), and his friend, Duclis, to animal-like bodies so they could help the kingdom while being immune to the human disease. The kingdom also was sealed behind mist to discourage intruders; only once in a few months does the fog clear somewhat, allowing entrance.

Neighboring countries sent money to develop a cure for Durum. However, Gioconda, a marquess of Ruvinagald, one of the Coastal States, hoarded the aid to develop military capital. The countries that sent aid did not respond to the money's failure to reach its intended recipients.

Eventually a cure for Durum was developed, but the citizens of Taforashia could not be awakened because Rezo could not be found to break the spell. However, the spell will supposedly break if Rezo dies — which means those sleeping should have already awakened because Lina Inverse supposedly killed Rezo in the first Slayers series.

During REVOLUTION, Duclis temporarily aligns himself with Gioconda because he thinks she has the power and resources to help Taforashia. After learning the truth about Gioconda's theft of the aid, Duclis activates the Zanaffar armor she is wearing, causing the magic beast to fully awaken and absorb her.

Duclis bargains with Zanaffar to destroy the cities and kingdoms that did not investigate the missing relief aid. After destroying numerous cities, Zanaffar reaches Saillune but is stopped and ultimately destroyed by Lina and her friends. Meanwhile, Duclis' own Zanaffar armor has begun to take over his body.

The 13th episode of REVOLUTION ends with Lina, Pokota, and their friends departing from Saillune to find the way to awaken the residents of Taforashia.

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