Tarim the Violet (Japanese: むらさきのタリム Romaji: murasaki no tarimu, spelled Tarimu in English) was one of the three candidates for the position of the Sorcerer's Guild's chairman. His Japanese voice actor is Chafūrin and his English voice actor is Josh Mosby.

With the help of his rival, Daymia the Blue, Tarim was able to banish the former Sorcerer's Guild chairman, Halcyform the White, from the Guild and Atlas City. Needless to say, Halcyform was sworn on vengeance and set the two of them up, getting them to believe they were trying to kill one another. Tarim then hired one unnamed swordsman as a personal bodyguard and crafted a black magic sword for his protector to use.

During the Crisis in Atlas City, Tarim recruited Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev as additional bodyguards for him. Little did he know that Daymia had also hired bodyguards: Zelgadiss Graywords and Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune.

After Halcyform's partner, the low-ranking mazoku named Seigram, summoned low-grade magic beasts from both Tarim and Daymia's mansion's, both of them were arrested and sent to prison. Later that night, Halcyform came and took Tarim and Daymia back to his mansion.

At this point, Tarim's fate variated depending on the media. In the original novels, Halcyform beheaded him while in the anime he turned both him and Daymia into stone. They were both shown alive and well after Halcyform's death in the anime (though the Slayers forgot to find a way to change them back to normal).

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