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the BEST of SLAYERS [from TV & RADIO]
Compilation Album from Slayers
Main Artist Various
Released June 4, 1999
Retail Price 3800¥
Length 2:20:40
Tracks 30
Label King Records
No. KICA-454/5[1]


the BEST of SLAYERS [from TV & RADIO] is a two-disc album released by King Records featuring the best Slayers vocal tracks from all three original television series and both original radio dramas. Tracks on the album include the television and radio opening and ending themes, English versions of the three anime openings, image songs, and new tracks. Tracks 19-29 on the second disc are remixes.

Track listingEdit

Disc 1Edit

# Title Title (Romaji) Title (English) Source Length
01 Get along Slayers Opening Theme 4:09
02 KUJIKENAIKARA! Because I'll Never Give Up! Slayers Ending Theme 4:35
03 Going History Slayers EX. Opening Theme 4:34
04 灼熱の恋 Shakunetsu no koi Red Hot Love Slayers EX. Ending Theme 4:02
05 Give a reason Slayers NEXT Opening Theme 4:28
06 邪魔はさせない Jama wa sasenai Don't Interfere Slayers NEXT Ending Theme 4:42
07 naked mind Slayers N►EX Opening Theme 4:15
08 虹のように Niji no you ni Like a Rainbow Slayers N►EX Ending Theme 4:37
09 Breeze Slayers TRY Opening Theme 4:26
10 don't be discouraged Slayers TRY Ending Theme 4:13
11 somewhere Slayers TRY Final Episode Theme 3:50
12 FAIR WIND English Cover of Breeze from Slayers TRY 5:48
13 BRAVE SOULS~give a reason English Cover of give a reason from Slayers NEXT 6:55
14 Power of ∞ New English Cover of Get along from Slayers 4:40
15 IN THIS ARM New Song 4:32
Disc Length 69:46

Disc 2Edit

# Title Title (Romaji) Title (English) Source Length
16 だって恋したら…When I’m in love Datte koi shitara... When I'm in love Martina's Image Song from Slayers N►EX 4:12
17 process Slayers N►EX Image Song 4:56
18 戦場のマドンナ Senjou no MADONNA Madonna of the Battlefield Slayers N►EX Image Song 4:34
19 眠れない夜は… (remix) Nemurenai yoru wa... On Sleepless Nights... Lina's Image Song from Slayers 5:12
20 EXIT→RUNNING (remix) Lina's Image Song from Slayers TRY 4:27
21 嘘の無いゲーム-SET ME FREE (remix) Uso no nai GEEMU-SET ME FREE A Game Without Words-SET ME FREE Gourry's Image Song from Slayers Next 5:56
22 more than words (remix) Zelgadiss's Image Song from Slayers TRY 6:00
23 Stand up! (remix) Amelia's Image Song from Slayers TRY 4:57
24 乙女の祈り (remix) Otome no inori A Maiden's Prayer Lina and Amelia's Image Song from Slayers NEXT EP14 2:23
25 alone (remix) Sylphiel's Image Song from Slayers NEXT 5:47
26 雨のFar away (remix) Ame no Far away Far away Rain Martina's Image Song from Slayers NEXT 5:13
27 Secret~誰かのメッセージ (remix) Secret~Dareka no MESSEEJI Secret~Someone's Message Xelloss's Image Song from Slayers NEXT 4:58
28 WARU -Bad Blood- (remix) Valgarv's Image Song from Slayers TRY 4:15
29 この世界のどこかで (remix) Kono sekai no doko ka de Somewhere in this World Filia's Image Song from Slayers TRY
Japanese Cover of somewhere
30 SLAYERS 4 the future New Image Song featuring Lina, Gourry, Zelgadiss, and Amelia 4:14
Disk Length 70:54

Album Art Edit

References Edit

  1. "KICA-454/5 at VGMdb".

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