Troy Baker (born April 1, 1976 in Dallas, Texas) is living and working in Los Angeles and primarily known for his work in anime and video games.

Before pursuing acting, Troy was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the indie-rock band, Tripp Fontaine. The 4 piece "power pop rock" band enjoyed some success in early 2000 with their radio single "Burning Out" from their debut album "Random Thoughts On A Paper Napkin". The love of music certainly hasn't waned for Troy, and he returned to the singing stage March 31, 2010 with L.A. based band "Sons of the Lawless".

His voice roles include Zuuma in Slayers REVOLUTION and Slayers EVOLUTION-R, Jin Kariya and Ganryu in Bleach, Ginger, Dr. Kochin, and Hoi in Dragon Ball Z, Schneizel El Britannia in Code Geass, Alfonso in Gunslinger Girl, Tenzo (or Yamato) in Naruto Shippuden, and Kain Akatsuki in Vampire Knight.

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